Panorama From Sri Lanka

Tiny part of a very large panorama. Can’t wait to get it up in my apartment. Shot in #SriLanka
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Portrait of a Vedda from Sri Lanka

This is a #Vedda I met on my journey in #SriLanka
He allowed me after some debate to take a few pictures of him in the camp the tribe were living in. Quite an experience taking pictures there. There was so much tradition and honor involved even for me – a silly western Photographer

Portrait of fisherman at the Galle Fishmarket Sri Lanka

I was speaking to an old english woman of 65 years – still backpacking! She was quite interested in my pictures since I was walking around with a lamp sticking up my backpack. I listened to her great stories and took her advice: ‘You have to take pictures at the #Galle #fish #market ‘
I am so glad that I went! I got there really early and took pictures for hours. It was a great experience taking the time to let the hard workers explain and show what they were up to. (Alot) more pictures to come

Orphan Elephant from Pinnawella Sri Lanka

#lonelyplanet led me to this place in #Pinnawela in #SriLanka .
You can’t really go without stumping into #elephants at some point on the journey – I don’t like to visit ZOO’s though.
This picture was taken at an #orphanage for elephants. They seemed free and happy to me – really good experience walking around so many elephants playing around with eachother.
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Teapicker Sri Lanka

This was high on my list for my visit to #SriLanka ! The main thing I was after each day was finding hard workers. Visiting the #teapickers was amazing. The amount of work these women can do each day is truely astonishing.
– and it is under hard conditions. I fed about six leaches walking around taking pictures.
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Praying Buddist Monk from Sri Lanka

A #praying #buddhist #monk from #SriLanka . He didn’t speak much, but regardless of his rotten foot he was sitting at the foot of a long staircase to a #temple praying – and had done so for years according to his fellow monks. The looks he gave will never leave me. There was just so much to get from those eyes.
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Backpacking Sri Lanka Selfie

I have been backpacking #SriLanka for the past month. About 30kg of gear on the back with all the gear I had with me.
I will be posting quite a few pictures from the trip as they get edited

Test-selfie with profoto b1 lamp

I’ve started to prepare for my #backpack trip to Tibet later this year. It’s comes down to what gear I can carry with me right now. I’m toying around to see what I can get out of a single #profotob1 lamp. This is a #selfie showing just that I guess

Painter work at a danish house

I feel like I’ve been driving from one #location to another at my #job the past few weeks. I absolutely love it! A few of the shots was of the #working #dane. I’ve visited carpenters, #painters, HVACs and so on. I wan’t more

New Zealand

2009 – It was the time when I graduated from high school. It was time to get a taste of the real world and figure out what I wanted out of life. It was a big decision between biology at the university or photography at the danish media college. It was also the time when the financial crisis hit my small town hard, so getting a job was out of the question – luckily I had saved up a bit and when I spoke to photographers about an apprenticeship I got told to get some more life experience – a …

Polefitness in Vejle Denmark

I was at the harbour in #Vejle this summer, laying in the sun and drinking beers – and feeling slightly out of shape as my good friend @ibenpolefitness was practising her #poledancing – I took a few shots of her, this is one of them